Solar Panels

Solar Panels – Yes Please

Having recently purchased a few solar panels. I was very happy to have Mary reach out to me for a guest post. I love a great DIY project and installing solar panels is the way to go. Not only does it improve home value, but…

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Greenhouses – They Rock

This is a guest post from my friend Sophie! The effortless cool of greenhouses A lovely, kept garden can go a long way. Perhaps you’re feeling down, and could use some quiet time. Writer’s block? Sit back in your garden and just wait for 5…


The Best Hacks For a DIY Garden

I love the garden. The only thing I love more than the garden is cool stuff for the garden. The garden is a work of art and building and maintaining the living organisms inside takes patience, a little zen, and some elbow grease. I have…


Protecting Your Home – Tips and Tricks

(This is a guest post) Protecting your home is very very very very important. Can I stress this a little more? Going on a long vacation shouldn’t just be about preparing the things you’ll bring with you when you leave. For added peace of mind…

Live Streaming Video for a DIY Project vs. Video Creation

Everyone makes DIY videos these days. Most of these videos are really fun and have a lot of great information. I am toying with the idea of making some videos for my readers, but love the idea of live streaming the process and answering questions…


Mustache Duct Tape – Looks Good and Works Well!

Duct tape is a DIY lifesaver. My refrigerator was having some shelving problems last week and the small shelves in the door were cracking under the weight of only two gallons of milk. Instead of purchasing a new shelf, I opted to use some duct tape….

Maintenance: Worth the Time?

100% Yes. Is this post over? 100% No. It is very important that you are proactive in your maintenance. I am currently writing a home maintenance article for a great website and I wanted to explain the difference between PROactive and REactive maintenance. Proactive Maintenance:…

Pets or No Pets? That is the Landlord’s Question

  As I head down this path of “landlording” I’ve come across a lot of questions I’ve needed to answer, one of those being: Will I rent to people with dogs?  I know I’ve mentioned it before, but my Digit and Poppy are my life….


I’m Back! Blog Update and My Next Project

Hello to all my readers out there; so sorry I have been away for so long, but I’ve got some big news! I am a few days away from becoming a landlord. That’s right, me and my beautiful bride have finally bitten the bullet and…