How to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy Foods

Healthy eating no longer needs to be boring, and there are numerous ways that you can entice the kids and encourage them to want healthier choices. Kids love to eat foods that are bright and appear to be fun, which is why you need to change your attitude towards cooking and serving meals.

eat your veggies

You may think that this task is too challenging, however, with a few small changes you can get your kids to eat healthy foods. Manufacturers make your job hard as all of the advertising campaigns are directed at sugary, unhealthy treats. You need to get smart, and think of ways to make healthy foods attractive and appealing.

Reasoning with children never works, therefore, you need to think of other strategies and make the kids believe it was their idea. Get kids involved, let them choice their foods, and add additional ingredients if you feel this is necessary. If you make sure your kids enjoy healthy foods, they will continue to eat them all through their life.

Prepare the Meal Together

Get your kids involved with every element of the meal from selecting the ingredients to preparing and cooking. Children love to be creative, which is why you need to give them space in the kitchen to develop. You may not agree with some f their strange choices, but you will be amazed how creative they are when left to their own devices.

Make Sure You Eat Healthily

Your kids will notice if you are expecting them to eat healthy options, but you refuse to eat vegetables yourself. The more that you lead by example, the better as kids pickup on what their parents do remarkably quickly. Make sure that everyone in the house is eating fruits and vegetables and enjoying what is made.  I really like Bluegrass Dairy products.


Be Imaginative with Names and Foods

Kids live in a world of make-believe; therefore changing the names of vegetables will make them far more appealing. Tell your kids they are eating mini trees, and dragon poop and they will be more likely to finish their peas and broccoli. Once your kids have grown out of calling their vegetables funny names, they will love the taste.

Be Creative when Serving the Meals

There are no rules when it comes to plating food, and the funkier you can be with a meal, the more likely your child will eat the dish. Be creative and make shapes, houses, faces and even animals, whatever your child likes and will want to eat. Cookie cutters are a valuable tool when creating new ideas, and over time you can begin to add more ideas.

If all Else Fails Hide he Healthy Ingredients

Sometimes you have to resort to hiding the ingredients, and this can be done in sauces for pasta and on pizza bases. Smoothies are an excellent way to include healthy ingredients without the arguing and stress. Once your child loves the delicious drink, you can let them know the secret ingredients. Many children love creating new drinks, and this can be the perfect way to involve them in the choice.

Author Bio: Hank McKinsey is a SAHD and lifestyle how-to blogger from Clovis, CA. When he’s not working on the home or blogging, he can be found at the park with his dogs or in the kitchen. See what Hank is up to on Twitter!

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