Unique Dog Accessories That You Can Buy Right Now

As of 2012, 164 million American households owned pets…ours included.  Of that 162 million, 83.3 million owned dogs.  In fact, as I’m sure many of you know, we own two dogs – Digit and Poppy.  This post is dedicated to them, our adorable fur children:


LED Lighted Dog Collars

If you have a hyperactive pooch, tracking the whereabouts of your furry friend can sometimes be a little tricky, especially at night when they can wander off.  Luckily Glowdoggie LED Collars were invented. They’re not some super-advanced gadget for your pups, but they definitely do the trick. They’re waterproof and weather-proof, hence perfect for your furry beastie who loves to play outdoors.

GPS Pet Tracker

Dogs can be unruly creatures, and the next thing you know they’ve sneaked out of the house and wandered off too far. Before this happens, it’s wise to invest in a tracking device. A GPS tracker that you can safely wear around your dog’s neck comes handy when you can’t find them. Typically, it comes with an app you can install on your phone, so you you are always aware of your pet’s whereabouts. The app will even notify you when your furry pal has strayed too far from home!


Cuddle Bed

While you may want to cuddle your dog in your bed, sometimes he has to sleep on his own.  You may not have known they made a snug sleeping accessory for your cute little companion, but they did! Made with memory fibers, this bed is one of the softest on the market.  Beds for your pets may need frequent washing to prevent buildup of dirt and bacteria, luckily, this bed is machine washable for your convenience.


Dog Backpack

Dogs love to travel as much as you do, but how to go about carrying around their toys and food can be an issue. If you don’t want to mix their stuff with yours, I recommend getting a doggy backpack!  Rucksacks for doggies are cool for hiking and camping. This way, you can train your dog to carry its own belongings 🙂 Well, more than really training it to carry its own stuff, you’re freeing yourself from that little burden too. Your furry friend won’t mind anyway.


Wool Coat

Just because your furry companion has fur doesn’t mean he can resist the cold. Don’t take your pooch for a walk on a chilly winter morning without a wool coat. If you’re a dog owner who doesn’t mind your pet to roam around the neighborhood on frosty days, make sure to keep him warm while outdoors.


Puzzle Toy

There are a lot of toys that train dogs, but look for some that train their brain. A brick interactive dog toy can keep your pet busy indoors on rainy days. Conversely, it gives your pup something to do so it doesn’t wander off outdoors and catch dirt. Moreover, it makes them smarter! The difficulty of these dog puzzle toys can be adjusted. Of course, you start easy and then increase the difficulty as days go by.



Cooling Vest

Dogs don’t sweat, right? Wrong! However, unlike humans, these sweat glads are not for thermoregulation.  Their means of cooling down themselves is by exhaling through their mouth. That could be a problem on a hot summer day when you’re taking your dog outdoors. Don’t allow them to suffer from the stress brought about by hot, dry weather. Consider putting on a cooling vest! It’s very easy to use: just dip it in cold water, squeeze it, and put it around your dog.



Outdoor Pet Drinking Fountain

Since you’re not around all the time to look after your restless buddy there, you should leave him some water so he doesn’t get too thirsty when you’re not home. While you can always leave a bowl of water lying idly on the porch, you can’t be sure it will stay clean throughout the day. The perfect outdoor fountain comes with a sensor that detects your approaching dog and automatically pours out water for him to drink…how cool?!





Author Bio: Hank McKinsey is a SAHD and lifestyle how-to blogger from Clovis, CA. When he’s not working on the home or blogging, he can be found at the park with his dogs or in the kitchen. See what Hank is up to on Twitter!