5 Steps to an Organized Bathroom (Guest Post)

Written by Tim Smith for Modernize.

organized bathroom

For being a relatively small room, the bathroom houses a wide variety of items used in our daily lives. When it comes to home bathrooms, most homeowners can readily admit that their restroom needs an organization overhaul. There are several ways you can start organizing your bathroom today to make efficient use of the space and maintain a clean appearance. The following tips will get you started on the right path.

Make Use of All Cabinet Space

A lot of bathroom cabinets are cluttered with health care products and accessories. Resolve this by using small baskets to organize products by family member or use. You can also use mason jars to store loose items such as q-tips or cotton balls. Another idea is to use a rotating tray to easily bring items to the front when needed. Don’t forget about the door space either. You can add storage cups (with suction cup attachments) or a rack to hold small items.

If you have other cabinets that are attached to the wall, you can make similar storage arrangements. Wall cabinets also have the benefit of available space on top. You can place jarred items there, or infrequently used health care products.

Incorporate the Shower Curtain Bar

In many households, the bar holding the shower curtain is often used to hold towels and clothing. Nowadays, you can find shower rods that have two bars, one for the curtain and one for hanging. These types of double rods are more durable because they are created to support the extra weight of towels and clothing items. Some homeowners even mount them in a reverse fashion so that wet clothes or towels can drip freely into the tub, thus saving the bathroom floor.

Optimize Drawers

As with cabinet space, simple organizing can maximize the holding capacity of drawers. It is wise to use compartmentalized drawer trays to separate out items. Items such as makeup applicators, brushes and tubed items can each be assigned to a space. Not only does this reduce clutter, it makes your morning much easier by allowing you to quickly grab items.

Add Hooks

Wall mounted hooks are great for bathroom organizing. Sticky backed hooks can be used inside the shower to hang shower caddies. Bathroom walls can be fitted with hooks or bars to hold unused clothing and towels. This keeps a neat appearance and also avoids having soiled linen on the floor.

Above the Toilet

Don’t just use the space above the toilet for a picture or decoration no one will look at. The space above the toilet is actually a prime location for an additional cabinet. If you don’t already have a medicine cabinet installed there, you can find a sleek, spacious model to maximize the space. If you decide a cabinet won’t look good there, you can also add hooks as described above.