Embracing the Unexpected

My wife got me a lot of great “stuff” for Christmas. Most of it I haven’t even touched. It’s like sometimes we obsess over material things so much that we think we need it all. It’s eye opening to take a step back and realize I haven’t even worn some of the things she got me.

I recently walked into the front door to find a package waiting for me on the ground. It was addressed to me and it was from my wife’s mother. Slightly confused I unwrapped the package and looked down at its contents. I still had no idea what I was looking at. Digit and Poppy were swarming my feet and begging for attention so I put the opened package on the table. I decided I would come back to it.

That night, I grabbed the packaged and revisited it. I was staring at what looked like a controller. I asked my wife if she knew what it was and she was as baffled as I was. I took it out and inspected it. I decided to Google the model number so that I could see what it actually controlled. It turned out to be a drone controller.

Drone-Flying                                                             source:patdollard.com

My mother-in-law had sent me the controller but unfortunately hadn’t realized that the actual drone and controller were sold separately. The next day we called her and she was confused, to say the least. She had thought I could use a new hobby and she had seen boys flying the “small machines” in the park behind her back yard.

I hopped online and looked for some drones for sale. I found a website called Buy the Best Drone that turned out to be incredibly helpful and ended up purchasing the matching drone.

After having it for the last week I can’t help but say in her own senile and mistaken way, my mother-in-law got me the best gift of the year. Instead of something sitting on the ground or on my body, she gave me something to do. Not to mention Digit and Poppy’s reaction. They’ve been chasing the machine all over the yard. Incredible what a few motors and plastic can accomplish. I certainly now feel like the best dog owner around.

Maybe it wasn’t perfect, but it’s the thought that counts. And my mother-in-law’s thought (albeit three weeks late) reminded me of that.