Deep Cleaning Your Home – Tips and Tricks

We all know the feeling – your in-laws are coming or you’re having a party and the house is a mess. “How will I ever get it clean in time?”

Trust me, I’ve thought this one too many times (especially with my dogs tracking in mud every day!). Here are some tips I have for deep cleaning your home when you need to impress, or just can’t stand the grime.

Clean Top to Bottom

Don’t vacuum first. Why? If you dust after you vacuum, you’ll knock dust onto the ground that you’ve just cleaned. It may not be a noticeable amount but for a deep clean, this is a vital tip and it will save you hours in the long run. Plus, you’ll breathe a lot cleaner air when walking around your house.

Clean Windows on a Cold Day

If you clean your windows when it’s hot outside your cleaner will dry before you can wipe it off. This will leave the glass streaky and nullify your efforts. Avoid this by cleaning the windows in the early morning or on a cloudy day.

Clean Your Cleaners

Dirty mops or brooms only push dirt around, they don’t pick it up and clean it. Avoid just spreading the mess by making sure you have new, fresh cleaning devices. Empty your vacuum and check to make sure the brushes are clean and intact. You’re wasting time cleaning your house with old tools – invest in something nicer an

Use a High Pressure Tool

A Honda GX160 5.5 HP. pressure washer in action.

A Honda GX160 5.5 HP. pressure washer in action. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Use a high pressure washer to ensure you’re removing dirt and caked grime from the deck and outdoor surfaces. They work great on fences, garage doors, and tile. Just make sure you know what you’re doing before buying one. You can find the right one by reading pressure washer reviews.

Make Taking off Your Shoes a Rule

This one seems self-explanatory, but it ends up saving a ton of time. If everyone, (including guest, and especially children!) take off their shoes before going through the house, you can save yourself a ton of time cleaning. Its hard work scrubbing the floors and you can’t just whip out a pressure washer on your hardwood floors. Save yourself the trouble of having to clean them as often and as deep by implementing a new household rule.

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