Games to Play with Babies

Games to play with Babies

By the time your little ones get closer to their first birthday they learn to recognize their name, they know when you are happy and they can even get upset if the tone of your voice sounds too harsh. Babies love to learn and they love to have fun! Sometimes it can start to feel a little overwhelming trying to come up with new games that make your baby happy and help them master basic life skills (motor skills, listening and verbal are a few).

If you are feeling a little low on creative ideas, here are a couple ideas to make playtime fun and educational:

Music time: Music has a major impact on the mood. Best snow blower reviews. This is why we have so many love songs, angry songs and “let’s party” songs. The rhythm and lyrics create an emotional environment. Music can also impact brain development. Some studies have shown that students who listen to classical music while taking tests often perform better. This is why so many children’s toys feature music. It keeps your little one’s attention and can help their brain function better. One fun option your little one will love are these adorable Just Me CDs. The CDs feature popular characters like Elmo, the Veggies Tales, Barney and even Mickey Mouse. But, your child’s name is also included in the music and dialogue too! Your kids will love hearing their favorite characters say their name.

Mirror Time: Your little one will love exploring the mirror. It may take them a while to fully understand who they are seeing in the mirror. If you stand behind them and wave and smile, they’ll be able to make that connection much quicker. Remember to keep some glass cleaner handy, after the kisses and touching, you won’t be able to see your own reflection!

Find it: A fun way to entertain little ones and to teach their brains think differently is to start hiding objects. Playfully tease your little one with a ball or toy and then hide it in your shirt or under your leg. You can be pretty obvious, especially when your kids are really little. As they start to pick up on the game, you’ll have to be a little sneakier about where you hide it. Remember to laugh and smile so they know it’s a game.

Water fun: Most babies love water. It’s especially nice on a hot summer day. Water is a great way to help strengthen muscle tone and encourage fun splashing. You can set them in a few inches of water in the bathtub or your bathroom sink and let them play with different objects. Let them watch some objects float and others sink to the bottom.

Texture time: You can help your little one develop sensory skills by exposing them to different textures and surfaces. Let them play with a sponge, touch their face with your silk robe and let them handle a squishy ball. Take them outside and let them play in the grass. They’ll love the feel of the grass on their knees and hands.

Make instruments: If you haven’t experienced this yet, you probably will. Children love noise. They’ll babble, laugh and scream just to hear their own voices. If you let them they’ll make music with anything they can get their hands on. Pull out the Tupperware for makeshift drums, pour rice or beans in an old canister and tightly seal the lid for a makeshift maraca or let them play with jingle bells (while you are watching, as these can be choking hazard). You’ll probably tire of the game long before they do!

Faces, Faces: This can be particularly helpful if you have a child who is nervous around people they don’t recognize. Pull out photo albums and let your little one study faces in the pictures. Point to people and say their names out loud. It’ll be a while before your little one can vocalize what they know, but they may be a little less clingy the next time your Aunt Tilly snatches your little one for some cuddle time.

Enjoy your little one! You can turn almost any game into a learning experience without making it feel like a chore. Remember to laugh, smile and focus on keeping your baby happy and healthy and they’ll learn everything they need to know.