Painting a New House Can Be Tough!

Ugh – Painting a new house can really take a toll on everyone. From going to the store to mixing paints to buying drop cloth to finding the right brush width to…..ahh…. too much even to type out!

What most people don’t fully grasp is the ways that colors can influence our thinking, feelings, and emotions. There has been a lot of media hype about color psychology and while the science is still young there is no doubt that colors affect us! This work from Frontiers in Psychology outlines the situation well: There is science to prove that colors affect us, but it is too early in the field to generate any universal truths.

Before I challenge the painting frontiers, however, I think I will take precaution and follow the advice of professionals. Soft and soothing colors work well for me! I love this paint color graphic from and thought I would share…enjoy!