Closets? You’ll Love It!

Closets. Closets. Closets. For most people, closets are a major headache. While they do not change the look of a room and are not always the number one priority, if left on the back burner too long a closet can become an unruly and unfunny monster.

I am lucky enough that my new property comes with quite a few bedroom and hallway closets. There is even one too far away from my washing room to be a linen closet, too far away from the door to be coat room, and too small to be a den or nook room. More on that later.

First, I wanted to show you a fantastic infographic that helped me organize my closets at home:


Source: Money Side of Life 

Now remember that closet that was giving me a headache? Well it was technically outside of a living room, but just far enough away from everything else that it would have been weird to use it for anything other than a ‘stuff’ closet. I didn’t want another place for ‘stuff’ so I got creative and found a great solution: Mini office!

I leveraged some great information and put a little desk chair and computer inside. I took the door out and added a folding door similar to the photo below. What a difference!


Source: Pepper Design 

Sadly that is not my new work space. However I am happy to report that mine still has some work to be done!