Pets or No Pets? That is the Landlord’s Question


As I head down this path of “landlording” I’ve come across a lot of questions I’ve needed to answer, one of those being: Will I rent to people with dogs?  I know I’ve mentioned it before, but my Digit and Poppy are my life. My wife and I have raised them since they were small pups, and I truly consider them to be my children—I wouldn’t even dream of renting a place that didn’t allow dogs.

While I am the biggest animal lover out there, there were some parts of renting to tenants with pets that gave me a little bit of pause, so of course I did my research. I started looking around at a lot of other landlords, seeing whether or not they allow pets or not and came across this awesome article filled with tips about renting to people with pets. There are some valid reasons why landlords don’t allow pets: damage to property, liability issues, and personal preferences, and I understand that it’s not for everyone. I also made sure to look at blogs from pet friendly landlords, reading firsthand accounts of their experiences (both good and bad) and that definitely factored into my decision. Allowing my tenants the option of renting with pets will open me up to a larger pool of candidates, and hopefully I’ll secure an awesome tenant who will stay for quite a while.

I wanted to check that allowing pets wouldn’t hurt my property, and from what I can tell, the benefits of finding a great renter with a pet outweighs the risks of allowing said pet to live on the property. During my research, I came across a cool infographic about pets and saftey in the home. It got me thinking? I need to pet proof my property! I just thought I’d share this interesting information:

Protect Your Pets: Pet Safety - An Infographic from Homeadviceguide


My final thoughts: I need to make sure my renters can cover the costs of any damages (In writing). I love animals and it is against my ethical code to not let others live with their loved ones—I can’t imagine being separated from my fur babies.

Well folks, I’m off to do more research to all of you readers hungry for more, so check out the infographic in the meantime. Stay tuned and come with me on my new adventure—it’s bound to be an exciting one!