Maintenance: Worth the Time?

100% Yes. Is this post over? 100% No.

It is very important that you are proactive in your maintenance. I am currently writing a home maintenance article for a great website and I wanted to explain the difference between PROactive and REactive maintenance.

Proactive Maintenance:

  • Taking precautions with your home’s amenities (windows, drains, appliances, etc.)
  • Adding extra measures to ensure a break or malfunction does not occur
  • Example: Adding a protective lacquer to window frames

Reactive Maintenance:

  • Fixing something in your home
  • Example: Sealing cracked window frames

Both types have merit and can save a lot of money. Do you need to replace a window if there is a crack in the wood frame? No way! Can you prevent this from happening? Yes sir! A simple lacquer will suffice and save you a large sum of money in the long run.


This spring, I will do much needed maintenance on my new property and I encourage all of my readers to be proactive in their own home maintenance. Check out these fun infographics for more ideas and inspiration:

Spring Maintenance Inspiration 

CCHS_springclean0414_72 (1)


Roofing Maintenance