Clever Ways to Organize Your Living Space

The following is a guest post by Victoria Lim.

Since our living spaces are the intersection of different purposes and everyday life activities, it is no wonder that in time they become an area where we function in spite of the accumulated clutter, mess, even chaos. Numerous obligations, lack of time, and daily life management keeps us from dealing with the roots of our disorganized lifestyle. Luckily, it doesn’t take much time to tackle the mess in our homes. Better than that, organizing the home triggers further changes and improves our well-being on many levels, whether in life or within ourselves.

Rearrange the furniture

In many households, the layout of the room can be the main problem when it comes to functionality. Try to rearrange your furniture in a way that will make the room more spacious and easier to walk through. Too much furniture, no matter how beautiful and expensive it is, can suffocate the room and deprive it of beauty. Establish a focal point, whether it is a tv, windows, fireplace or the center of the room where socializing takes place. Place the pieces of furniture strategically to create a natural flow in the room, yet keep in mind to maintain the functionality of specific areas.

Declutter the room

Instead of doing it all at once, sweep one area at a time, but make sure to do it every day. Your living area will be clutter-free in just a few days with minimal effort. In addition to that, you’ll create a useful habit of preventing future clutter. Start small – take care of the flat surfaces first since they tend to accumulate most of the needless items that lay around the home. After that focus on the cabinets, drawers, and closets. Go minimal, but make sure to organize the remaining items.

Deal with the cables

Behind the home appliances, computer, and entertaining center, there is a bundle of cords that stands as a cleaning nightmare. Not only do they look messy, but they collect more dust than any other area in the house, so reorganize them as soon as possible. Unplug everything and dust the cables. After that sort the cables and label them. Oftentimes you’ll find that some of the cables are not in use, so make sure to store them in the proper place. There are many handy cable management solutions for living rooms, so consider getting a cable caddy.

Install shelves

Shelving is a fantastic way to clear the space and to stash items out of the way. Use modular shelves or floating shelves to place books, accessories or pieces of art. Shelves are not only useful for storing stuff but can be quite an elegant showcase of your taste and sophistication. With shelves, you can create a wall gallery containing your collectibles, photos, CDs, etc. Do not forget to use trays and bowls for small items like keys or similar knick-knacks.

Utilize everything

Make sure to cleverly use every part of your home to store things and clear out space. For example, you can repurpose unused fireplace into a minibar or a book shelf. Also, you can put some decorative storage boxes beneath some pieces of furniture. Get a coffee table with a built-in storage and place some attractive baskets to store things. If storing inside doesn’t seem to work, consider renting some affordable storage where you will put away the possessions that you don’t use frequently. That way you’ll get more space plus it will be easier to manage and to keep it organized.

Having a clean and organized place doesn’t take much time. It simply takes a few good ideas and just a little effort. Next time you find yourself in a project of reorganizing, take these tips into account and create a space that is cozy and spacious, yet organized and functional at the same time. Dealing with a mess and changing things around is a significant improvement that will result in being motivated to continue such a lifestyle and to improve it further.