3 Tips to Live in the Moment

College was a fun time. I still look back on it, lost in reverie. The parties, the girls, the freedom. We used to sit around and play circle of death for hours, slaving away at the large cases of beer duty called upon us to finish.

Even if college and being a young adult was fun, I wouldn’t trade what I have now for the world. I wouldn’t sacrifice my baby girl or my puppies to ever return to something that was. I think I’m sharing this because today I feel genuinely grateful for all that I have. It’s been a journey – don’t get me wrong, but a journey that has meant a lot to me.

Here are three tips to live in the moment:

Stop thinking about what others think

Obsessing over what people think keeps your thoughts outward, and not inward. How can you appreciate the world around you when you’re constantly thinking about other people? I found that I was always thinking about what other people thought, even when I was doing something as simple as dancing. The truth is, no one cares! Once you realize this, it’s much easier to move on with your days in a way that’s beneficial to you and not to others.

Let things flow

Stop trying to control every aspect of what happens. Instead of strictly waking up in the morning and having a specific routine and idea of where my day would go, I just let things happen. Not only does it make me immensely flexible and relaxed, it adds a little surprise to your day!


Live in the moment

This cliché, age old adage might seem trite and overdone, but I’ll tell you the truth – it works. Focus on where you are the exact second you’re living in and think of nothing else. Don’t think about your plans tomorrow or where your family is going for Thanksgiving. Don’t think about anything except the fact that at the exact moment you’re reading this you have breath in your lungs and a roof over your head.