How To: Get Your Child Involved in Organized Sports

Some children love to be active and want to be part of organized sports, however, others shy away from any form of exercise. Although it may be a battle, it is worth encouraging and even pushing your kids to get involved with some form of sport. This will not only provide a healthy outlet, but also help with valuable experiences in life.


There are many different youth sports groups that your child can be part of, with several different sports to choose. These groups will teach your children many different skills including team work and developmental skills alongside having fun. Children hate anything that seems as learning, which is why sport needs to be enjoyable.

Children have numerous reasons why they do not want to participate in sports, and you need to make sure that you listen to your child’s concerns. You may find that their doubts can be resolved easily, and it is worth taking the time to explore further. If you lack interest in sports it is likely that your children will to. Therefore, you need to change your attitude.


Some children are also nervous about getting hurt, or not fitting in with the other kids, both of which can be dealt with easily. You need to find a sport that your child is happy being involved with, and keep them motivated and interested. As parents, you need to encourage your children without pushing them too far.

Motivation is essential, and you need to make sure that your children see that you are interested in sports. You need to spend time making youth sports seem inviting and appealing and assure your child that accidents rarely happen . Your child may also feel that they are not good enough to join youth sports, but every child has skills.

You need to dismiss any fears that your child has and reassure them that they are good enough to be involved. Most children below ten years old are all at the same skill level. Therefore, your child will fit in with the rest. You need to teach your child that hard work and determination will pay off in sports and life in general.

Sports can be the perfect way for your child to come out of the shell, and lose their shyness. They will feel wanted and part of a team whilst making new friends. With the encouragement from friends and family you will see your child develop and grow. They will be far more confident, and want to join in with different activities.

Your child will love the attention and overtime will want to spend more time with their new team mates. As they see that they are good at the sport, they will play more, get better and grow both mentally and physically. They will be fitter, and more focused, which will help them with studies and life. As you see your child develop and be happier, you can feel proud that you took the time to encourage them to be involved with sports.


Author Bio: Hank McKinsey is a SAHD and lifestyle how-to blogger from Clovis, CA. When he’s not working on the home or blogging, he can be found at the park with his dogs or in the kitchen. See what Hank is up to on Twitter!