4-1-1 on Conservatories

If you’re thinking of adding a new garden extension, sunroom or conservatory, you may be under the impression that there are only a limited number of options for your design aesthetic. Well, I’ve rounded up a few unusual designs to help inspire your imagination and possibly even give you some ideas on how to decorate your amazing new space.

ConservatoryMany Victorian and historic conservatories and glass rooms have survived over the years and have been restored to their former glory. However more and more modern day conservatories are being designed with Victorian influences, accents and features to help you achieve the perfect look whilst still gaining the energy efficiency benefits of today’s conservatory construction. These include metal effect frames and dark toned schemes alongside numerous glass panes. Metalwork details also commonly feature.

Exotic conservatories are ideal to mix up the interior design of your home. By creating your own foreign inspired retreat, you can recreate the feeling of escaping to a warm, tropical destination in your very own back garden. With unusual shapes and structures, these types of extension will stand out from the standard conservatory. Replicate the stunning architecture of foreign lands with shaped windows and domed ceilings.

Minimal, modern style conservatories are ideal if you prefer an uncluttered look. Streamlined furniture and uncluttered surfaces will help complete this room’s aesthetic, as well as opting for brushed steel, metal against clean white interiors. Stylized choices and feature items such as a bold vase or colourful painting can really stand out in these types of rooms as the majority of the space is a blank canvas and draws your attention to the focal points.

Sun-roomMore traditional conservatory designs may be similar to that of an orangery structure. This combines brickwork with panes of glass and creates a traditional room feel with the benefits of additional natural light inlets and lovely views of the outside, making the room feel exceptionally spacious. It can also help keep the room warmer in winter seasons when temperatures outside can plummet. This allows you to still enjoy the beauty of the outside without exposing yourself to the elements and harsh weather conditions.

Eco-friendly conservatories and sunrooms are also becoming more popular as they help to minimise the damage done to the natural world. They can also be combined with energy saving features such as solar panels and rainwater collectors to ensure you are able to cut back on your energy use. Often they are combined with the beauty of the natural world with plants and areas for growing vegetables, combining your conservatory and greenhouse spaces.