Mustache Duct Tape – Looks Good and Works Well!

Duct tape is a DIY lifesaver. My refrigerator was having some shelving problems last week and the small shelves in the door were cracking under the weight of only two gallons of milk.

Instead of purchasing a new shelf, I opted to use some duct tape. In my drawer of goodies, I found some mustache tape and it looks like this:



When using duct tape you must make sure to tape both sides of the object in question so the tape fibers can pull against each other and not against the broken item. I also think that this two colored duct tape uses more color fibers and is even a bit stronger than regular tape – I need to do a experiment to find out more!

I was looking around for other fun duct tape uses and came across this informative infographic surrounding duct tape and DIY. I don’t advise duct taping everything, but when in a pinch, it can work wonders!