When to DIY a Home Remodel Project and When to Hire a Pro

Are you planning the next big home improvement project or remodel in your home? Are you on a tight budget and looking for a few ways to save money on your project? Do-it-yourself home remodeling is a sure way to save on the cost of a project, but is it always the best choice?

Hiring a professional can definitely have its perks, even though it will likely be more costly in the end. Deciding when to DIY a home remodel project and when to hire a pro isn’t always simple, but there are few consideration that can making choosing between the two much easier.

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Take an Honest Look at Your Skill Level

With the right training, anyone can tackle a major home renovation, but not everyone has the skill set necessary for more difficult tasks. One of the primary factors in determining whether or not to a pro should be your individual skill set. If you feel you have the experience needed to carry out your remodel, go for it! If you feel uneasy or have never tackled a task like this before, you will probably experience more success if you hire a pro to take on the most difficult parts of the job.

Estimate How Much Time You Can Devote to the Remodel

Remodeling your home or even a single room in your house requires a lot of time. Before choosing to take on the project yourself, look at your schedule and estimate how much free time you can devote to the project. Will you have to take time off work to complete the remodel? Can you afford to sacrifice time at work or time with family until the project is finished? If your time is limited or if you have a demanding day job, you may find it more beneficial to embrace the expense of hiring a pro to redo your home.

Map Out Your Budget for the Home Improvement Project

Depending on what you have planned for your home improvement project, the budget for the remodel could be quite extensive. Hiring a contractor will add to the cost of the project because of the cost of labor. Still, a tight budget doesn’t necessarily mean a DIY remodel is your only option. If hiring a contractor is best for your home and your lifestyle, there are still ways you can save on the total cost of the project.

First, you can cut down on cost by tackling a few of the simpler projects yourself. You could choose to complete demolition and hauling of waste yourself, or elect to finish up the project with paint after you contractor has been paid. Make sure you organize all of the projects you need accomplished. Secondly, some contractors will offer a discount to homeowners who are willing to pay cash upfront instead of making payments or securing financing, so check with the contractor you hire to make sure this is an option. Lastly, be open and honest with your contractor about your budget and make sure they know to consult you if the expense of the project varies from the estimate at all.

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A home remodel is an exciting undertaking. Spending plenty of time researching, planning and budgeting for your project will play the biggest role in your satisfaction with the end result. Consult with experts, save pictures of your favorite designs, and ask friends for advice before embarking on your remodel. Whether


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